About Karen Rose Auction Company

About Karen Rose | Auctioneer | Realtor® | Serenity Realty

Hailing from a second generation auction family, Karen has creatively and successfully established a niche for herself in the world of personal property auctions where she now conducts more than 100 such auctions per year.

Karen has earned the BAS designation for Benefit Auction Specialist which has given her specialized training in planned events with planned results. Her training includes marketing knowledge, public relations, audience development, and fundraising components. Less than 2% of the Auctioneers in the United States hold this coveted title.

As a licensed auctioneer for the last ten years, Karen’s experience includes working with the Manheim Detroit Auto Auction as well as traveling the world with Celebrity Cruise Lines where she handled all aspects of the company’s wine auctions. Karen is a graduate of the American School of Auctioneering.

About Jody Broyles | Auctioneer | Realtor® | EXP Realty

Jody Broyles is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, specializing in both traditional real estate transactions and auction sales. Her in-depth knowledge of the local market trends, neighborhoods, and property values enables her to provide valuable insights and guidance to her clients, helping them make informed decisions.

In addition to her work as a real estate agent, Jody is also a skilled auctioneer. Her proficiency in auction techniques, marketing strategies, and negotiation skills consistently delivers optimal results for her clients.

Jody’s dedication to excellence, coupled with her commitment to customer satisfaction, has earned her the trust and loyalty of a diverse clientele. Whether clients are looking to buy, sell, or auction a property, Jody’s professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized approach ensure a smooth and successful real estate experience.

Our Approach

Defining the asset’s target market is an essential part of the auction consultation process. Karen Rose meets personally with all her potential clients to evaluate their personal assets and determine whether they would make good auction candidates.  Some of her qualifying questions for potential clients are listed below.

  • What is your time frame for selling your assets?
  • Is your home/facility equipped for an onsite or online auction?
  • If the assets are part of an estate, are you the Executor or Personal Representative of the estate?

Karen Rose Auction Company is constantly evolving with new auction technology strategies and new creative ways to reach active buyers.  Between onsite and online auctions, Karen Rose has concentrated her expertise on personal property in order to best serve her clients.

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